ganga devi Mahila college Kankarbagh, patna-20
A Constituent College Of Magadh University
Tender Notice

    Sealed Tenders on Prescribed format are invited from registered contractors of Mugadh University for under noted group of works up to 3:00 PM of ..........
Group Name of Project Estimated Cost (S.R 2011 PWD) Cost of B.O.Q Non Refundable E.M in Shape of NSC/DD Completion Period
A Re- Erection of Collapsed Boundary Wall and repair & maintenances of old main building Rs. 23,65,500.00 2500.00 47,500.00 3 Months
B Construction of link/approach Road Rs. 15,10,500.00 2500.00 30,500.00 2 Months

    The intending persons can obtain B.O.Q on cash Payment(as specified above) along with production of MU registration copy of specified class during office hours of under signed from 08/05/2013 to 09/05/2013

    The dully filled B.O.Q along with requisite E.M, Upto date Character Certificate, Labour License, Income tax Clearance, VAT registration of Bihar etc. can be attached and in sealed envelope can be submitted at under signed office upto 3:00 PM of 15/05/2013
    The undersigned shall have rights to reject any or all tenders assigning any reason thereof.
    (Dr. Usha Sinha)

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