गंगा देवी महिला कॉलेज

Kanakarbagh, Patna


NAAC Grade B

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Code of Professional Ethics is contained in UGC regulation on Minimum Qualification for appointment of Teachers and other Academic Staff in Universities and colleges and Measures for the maintenance of standards in Higher Education, published by the commission.

The Patliputra University, adopted it in its meeting of the Executive Council held on July 2019. The University thereafter notified the colleges and Departments on October 2019. The college compiled immediately and circulated to its permanent teaching members. It is mandatory for the Permanent Faculty of the Higher Education to sign the code to ensure a responsible pattern of code and demeanor, expected by teachers of the community, maintain dignity of the profession and facilitate continuous growth through their study and research.

Role of Principal.

Ensure the academic, financial and overall discipline in the college, in a pro active manner.

Lead the college in terms of setting an example in high moral ground.

Support activities of teachers and students, to take the college forward in all ways.

Promote democratic values and sense of patriotism in the campus.

Be an effective agent in carrying out campus activities according to directions of Patliputra University.

Conduct of Teachers

Perform their duties –Teaching, tutorials, practical and Seminar work and carry out all responsibilities assigned by the college in terms of admission, invigilation and assessment.

Participate in extension, co-curricular and extra -curricular activities including community service.

They should help in the functioning of committees and cells taking help of non-teaching staff, in a positive manner.

Assure participation of students in all activities and be a role model for them in terms of discipline and good behavior, and support them in times of need.

Encourage students to improve their academic performance and make them aware of their role in the community, by way of democratic and patriotic values.

Non-Teaching Staff

They are required to discharge their duties as assigned efficiently, punctually and be disciplined always.

They are required to adhere to be respectful to Teachers students, staff and visitors and refrain from harassing anyone.

They should be professional in their approach to work assigned, maintaining confidentiality of proper levels.


All students are required to attend college in prescribed College uniform.

Maintaining discipline in terms of behavior, timely attendance of classes, respect to Teachers, staff and other students.

Make efforts to upgrade themselves and develop themselves in terms of speech, actions, behavior and overall development of their Personality.

Required to be member of the Library, and take benefit of free books and e library.

75% attendance in class is a pre requisite for eligibility for appearing in university examinations.

Involvement in Ragging is strictly prohibited.

Required to participate in Republic Day, Independence Days, Jayanti of  National Leaders, cultural, student  and community activities.

Students are encouraged to take part in Sports and skill enrichment activities.

Any student related campus issues are required to be placed to members of Proctorial committee.

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