गंगा देवी महिला कॉलेज

Kanakarbagh, Patna


NAAC Grade B

7.2 BestPractices


7.2.1 - Describe two best practices successfully implemented by the Institution as per NAAC format provided in the Manual. 


Practice 1


1.    Title of the Practice- Education beyond the classroom: Taekwondo Training and skill development in Arts and Crafts of Bihar


2.    Objectives of the Practice –


·         To empower women through self-defence training.

·         To educate our students about the rich heritage of art and craft of Bihar and to equip them to carry the legacy.


3.    The Context – Education Beyond the Classrooms at GDMM includes all those things which are deliberately intended to enhance the educational experience

·         Our students come from remote areas and travel long distances and we thought it will be an advantage for them to be trained in self-defence and be ready to combat any unpleasant situation.

·         The contemporary crafts of Bihar have now became known in Indian as well as international markets for their artistic beauties and innovations and a skill in those area might prove beneficial. It will also help in preserving and reviving the art forms.


4.    The Practice –

We believe in holistic development of students and therefore have adopted “Education beyond the classroom” as one of our unique practice.

·         Self defence is the need of the hour as women travel distances to pursue higher education and their dreams and should be able to do so without any fear. In this context, GDMM organizes frequent free Taekwondo training sessions.  We also organize competitions to hone the skills of students and motivate them to do better.

·         We provide skill development classes in Arts and Crafts of Bihar to interested students. This is a booming venture these days. We train interested students in Madhubani painting, sikki work, tie and die, tikuli, sujni making, kantha work etc.


5.    Evidence of Success-


Our self defence training program became quite successful and popular. Our university trusted us with the responsibility to organize university level taekwondo championship at our premises. Our students won many medals in the championship.

Students trained in art work are making pieces for themselves and friends and family. We are planning to ramp it up and find them access to a local market/exhibitions.



6.    Problems encountered and Resources Required –


The constraint faced was availability of a suitable trainer in self-defence and motivating students to pursue it. We convinced students about being self-sufficient in dealing with unwanted situations and its importance when the stats clearly indicate the situation is not quite ideal for women. The training started with very few students but later many were inspired and joined.

Home Science department stepped in to carry out skill development classes by themselves and by arranging resource persons from outside or by inviting alumni who had the relevant expertise.



Practice 2


1.    Title of the Practice- Nutrition


2.    Objectives of the Practice –


·         To create awareness about proper nutrition in young girls

·         Hands on training in Applied Nutrition to provide an edge in professional development


3.    The Context – In light of poor state of nutrition of adolescent girls and women in Bihar as per National Family Health Survey 2020, we decided to take up the responsibility to create awareness about proper nutrition in young girls through various programs and a certificate course which would provide them an edge in professional development.


4.    The Practice –

A 3 months’ certificate course was provided in Applied Nutrition to interested students in collaboration with Vidya Diet Clinic where they got hands on experience in this field. Nutrition related lectures were organized regularly which were open to all and aimed at educating our young students about the importance of proper nutrition and how it can be achieved through a healthy diet.


5.    Evidence of Success-

30 students successfully completed the certificate course in Applied nutrition.

Nutrition month and Poshan Pakhwada was successfully organized in our college. 

Nutrition Month Events:

·                     Event 1 - Healthy cooking competition included cooking of nutritious enriched cereals like Idli, Upma, Poha, Dhokla and Sandwich

·                     Event 2 - Quiz competition related to Nutrition. Participation of students was highly appreciated. 

·                     Event 3 - Meal planning for College going Girls and Pregnant Mother Workshop. Students of Home Science participated and won prizes for attractive meal plan

·                     Event 4 - Students of all streams displayed Posters and slogans for nutritional awareness.


Poshan Pakhwada Events

·         Health Quiz

·         Poshan themed poem competition

·         Making of healthy laddoos

·         Kitchen gardening

·         Preparation of traditional tribal food of Jharkhand for healthy mother and baby.

·         Discussion on complete vaccination and on Anaemia: prevention and dietary management.

Lecturse, talk shows etc were organized throughout the year to emphasize importance of proper nutrition.



6.    Problems encountered and Resources Required –


The main problem was to find a place to provide hands on training which was overcome by collaboration with Vidya Diet Clinic. In celebrating Nutrition month and Poshan pakhwada many resources were required which was taken care by the Home Science department.


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